Welcome to Climb Lawrence

Hours of Operation:


Open to the Public

Monday – Friday 2:00PM – 9:00PM

Saturday – Sunday 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Our Story

The first time I walked into a climbing gym I knew immediately it was something that Lawrence needed. As a father of four children, I was all too aware of the lack of healthy recreational opportunities for children and adults in Lawrence, particularly those who don't play traditional team sports. We decided on a downtown location in 2018 and set to work. The time, energy and expense required to open and operate Climb Lawrence was significant, but as we enter into our fourth year of operations, I believe we have changed the lives of those who have discovered and fallen in love with the sport of climbing on our walls.

While nothing indoors can compare to the thrill of summiting an 80 or 800 foot rock wall in nature, we simply don't have access to these opportunities in Kansas. I'm proud of what Climb Lawrence has become, a 14,000 sq/ft climbing facility with 7,000 sq/ft of bouldering and auto-belay climbing, Kilter and Tension boards, repelling wall, weights and cardio gym, and yoga studio. It serves our mission to provide an inclusive and welcoming space that inspires climbing for both young and old.