Mom’s Morning Out

The Details

For ages 4 – 12.

$20 for moms / $15 for kids. Gear included

Are you in search of an engaging and enjoyable morning activity to share with your children?

Commencing in the forthcoming New Year, we extend an exclusive invitation to mothers, fostering a unique opportunity for you, the dedicated and hardworking moms, to embark on a climbing adventure with your youngsters. Delight in a specially designated day with a tailored pricing structure, crafted to accommodate your busy schedules. Join us before the commencement of library story time to invigorate both your body and spirit, fostering a memorable connection and growth between parent and child.

Participating in this enriching experience not only provides an avenue for physical activity but also establishes a platform for shared moments of joy and learning. Climbing, with its myriad benefits, catalyzes bonding and empowerment, imparting valuable lessons to your children.

For this exclusive event, we offer a special rate of $20 for mothers and $15 for children, including all necessary gear included. Seize this opportunity to instill a love for adventure and physical well-being in your family while creating lasting memories.

Elevate your mornings with us – where bonding meets adventure!


Climb Lawrence


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